Advanced 3-D mapping modules integrate multiple data sets and images into one resource for highly detailed, real-time information. Includes image integration tools, as well as AF- and VT- specific software such as:



Add a new dimension of certainty with the knowledge that comes from seeing RF ablation parameters displayed in real time on a single screen. The CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Module allows active measurement of stable contact force and catheter tip direction. Seamless integration with the CARTO® 3 System incorporates CARTO VISITAG™ Module technology to display key ablation variables related to lesion formation.

After April 20, 2013 all CARTO® 3 System hardware includes CARTO SMARTTOUCH™ Module and CARTO VISITAG™ Module.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps to visualize and maintain catheter stability within a user-selected range
  • User-defined parameters for distance moved (measures in millimeters) over a selected time permit stability requirement to be adjusted
  • Observe force and catheter orientation
  • Vector arrows show actual angle of catheter tip to tissue
  • Color-coded catheter tip indicates progress to target force value
  • Force graph displays accurate force in window and CARTO VISITAG Module information grid



By providing a built-in algorithm and standard workflow, the CARTO VISITAG™ Module with Ablation Index allows EPs to focus on a single value – the Ablation Index – which represents stability, power, contact force, and time. With Ablation Index, EPs can reproduce their own successful ablation strategy in a standard and simple way by eliminating variability and improving accuracy.

The CARTO VISITAG™ Module provides access to data collected during the application of RF energy. The data does not indicate the effectiveness of RF energy application. Refer to the CARTO® 3 System Instructions for use and Optimum Device Performance Guide for proper recommendations and settings. Tag Index values can only be compared when created with the same CARTO VISITAG™ Module settings. The Tag Index values should not be used to replace standard handling precautions or other clinically accepted endpoints for RF applications such as reduction of IC signals, impedance drop, force, etc. Tag Index values do not represent clinical outcome.

Features & Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with CARTO VISITAG Module tag visualization
  • Supported by scientific data, treating patients is more consistent
  • EPs can manage a single number rather than having to focus on multiple data points
  • Objective tag placement based on customized settings
  • A single center study resulted in >90% single procedure success rate at 1 year follow-upi
i Taghji, P. et al. Evaluation of a Strategy Aiming to Enclose the Pulmonary Veins With Contiguous and Optimized Radiofrequency Lesions in Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation, Journal of American College of Cardiology: Clinical Electrophysiology, article in press (2017).



The CONFIDENSE™ Mapping Module offers CARTO® 3 System users a complete and streamlined high-density mapping solution. By refining the MEM experience, the CONFIDENSE™ Module introduces a new degree of control over point acquisition and insight into your mapping procedures. This high-performance mapping is fully integrated into the CARTO® System.

Features & Benefits:

  • Continuous Mapping: Automated data acquisition (when physician set-criteria are met)
  • Tissue Proximity Indication: Proximity-based filtering of points acquired with MEM catheters
  • Wavefront Annotation: An automated annotation algorithm that incorporates both unipolar and bipolar signals
  • Map Consistency: System identifies outlying points when certain criteria are met

PASO™ Module

CONFIDENSE™ with Pattern Matching

Pattern Matching is a continuous mapping filter that enables CARTO® 3 System users to selectively acquire beats that represent a particular ventricular rhythm when using the CARTO® CONFIDENSE™ Module. When combined with the PENTARAY® Catheter, the CARTO® CONFIDENSE™ Module with Pattern Matching allows users to efficiently map and determine the mechanism of complex ventricular arrhythmias.i

i Pre-clinical study by Biosense Webster, Inc. Pre-clinical test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance (Body Surface Morphology Matching Pre-Clinical Evidence Report).
ii Bench testing performed by Biosense Webster, Inc. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance (BS Morphology Matching Algorithm Validation Results).

Features & Benefits:

  • 12-lead Body Surface ECG as a reference
  • Points are acquired only when a beat matches the user defined pattern within the correlation threshold
  • 12x more efficient than point-by-point mapping with THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Catheteri
  • Filters out 99.7% of the beats unrelated to the mapped rhythm with 98% sensitivity at a 0.9 correlation value settingii



The PASO™ Module delivers automated template matching for targeting complex ventricular tachycardia procedures. It automatically compares pace mapping signals with arrhythmia signals to better inform your VT ablation strategy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Locate VT sources
  • Customize preferences
  • Instantly compare pace mapping and arrhythmia signals
  • Track multiple VT morphologies automatically

The clinical significance of utilizing the PASO Module to help pace mapping for catheter ablation of ventricular arrhythmias has not been established by clinical investigations.

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